Homes of Hope

Magazine - "Community Chest", February 2014

Magazine Article


Each year, Boardwalk asks employees like you to give up a weekend. Those who volunteer to go are taken on a trip to Mexico. But this is no vacation, it’s better. Instead of sitting around in the sun, in just two days teams of employees come together and build a home for a family living in poverty. No special skills required, just a desire to help. The end result is four walls, three rooms, a roof and a family whose lives are changed forever. Short term thinking about how to get enough food today turns to long term thinking about how to get an education to improve their children’s future. Building materials that would take a poor Mexican family at least ten years to buy are brought to the site and in one weekend turned into a three-room home complete with furniture, clothing and appliances. Improving just one family’s life has a ripple effect of benefits for the whole community. For that one weekend you give up, you get back so much in return.  You will realize how much we in Canada take for granted. You will see what poverty is really like, and you will realize how much it means to those you are helping. Homes of Hope is about changing people’s lives, and in the end, you come away changed too.