For Broadcast, February 2009

How does a man who lived over 500 years ago,


reach across the centuries and affect our lives today?


Through the power of ideas.


Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452,


but his impact on our world resonates still...   (:14)                                                                                                            




Before Leonardo’s day, the length of an hour varied from 80 minutes in summer, to barely 40 in winter. The variety of instruments used to measure Time was the problem; from sundials and hourglasses to water-clocks. Leonardo lived to see the mechanical clock change all that. He endlessly sketched them, and came to believe they too could be improved. In time, the breakthrough came. Leonardo invented a spring drive mechanism, a clock that is wound up, and then slowly unwinds at a uniform rate using a spring. All mechanical wrist watches and clocks run on the exact same principle today. (:34)


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Province of BC. (:07)


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